We’re proud to have partnered with some of the largest and most recognizable companies, as well as smaller local businesses and non-profits.

Loel Solomon, Kaiser Permanente

Ethnoworks worked closely with the Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit team to design a simulation that helped several hundred KP leaders understand more deeply the challenges faced by our low income members, and others for whom healthcare is not always the number one priority.   This exercise opened our hearts and minds, and it played a major role in building support for KP’s Total Health agenda. Ethnoworks did a great job grounding this exercise in solid ethnographic research and brought sophistication and great values to the project. And they were a pleasure to work with.

Mike Lin, Aspen Labs

Ethnoworks has been our longtime go-to research partner for Aspen Labs. They are best-in-class researchers with deep experience working on bespoke engagements across complex categories. They are thoughtful, rigorous, insightful—and they come to the table as true partners.

Julie Williams, Karrikins Group

We partnered with Ethnoworks to conduct qualitative research that would get the pulse on how front line managers at a global tech company were faring during a major business model change. The partnership was invaluable; Ethnoworks brought rigor and care to the research, and I so appreciated their perspectives and synthesis. At the readout, the executive leadership team was engaged, interested, and curious about the work. It’s not easy to pull off such a large scale qualitative with the fidelity, depth, insightfulness and impact that Ethnoworks did.It prompted some really great conversation with the Sales and Marketing Leadership on how they need to lead differently. This started what is now an ongoing discussion about how to make meaningful adjustments which better serve the company’s front line managers.

Griff Coleman, Point Forward

Before cllients roll out innovations across their system, whether it’s new processes or technologies, they have to know how it will impact their facilities, staff and clients. Ethnoworks’ qualitative pre- and post-implementation studies provide thoughtful and applicable insights that help clients fine-tune innovations prior to system-wide roll out.

John Sherry, Intel

I’ve done quite a bit of ethnographic research in corporate settings and was really interested in how you provide that richness to other stakeholders in the organization without having them going out and doing the fieldwork themselves. One of the things I really liked about the Ethnoworks immersion was that it provided some of the benefits of fieldwork, of being out in the field, of encountering people in their natural settings, but without all the long hours of shadowing, the blind leads, and all the things that go along with fieldwork.  In a very compressed way, the immersion does a great job of giving people a fieldwork experience without having to go through all the actual fieldwork itself.

Erica Whinston, Qualcomm

There’s no way to know the challenges people face without trying to live, as much as you can, in their shoes. I think the immersion is wonderful because it’s an innovative way to experience something and really understand needs.  It’s much more effective than reading any paper or having somebody even tell you about it.  It’s about walking in someone’s shoes.

David L. Kim, AARP

As VP of multicultural markets, my first task was to outreach to hard-to-reach segments of that population: limited- and non-English speaking Asian immigrants. Ethnoworks’s custom designed research plan provided results that showed us how our organization could best open up this complex market.